Working on the Elgin to Lossiemouth railway by Jock Craib

Jock was the eldest son in a large family of 12 children. His Father was the Head Forester for the Rothes Crown Estate. He started his first job in 1944 at the age of 14 on Glenrothes Farm looking after cattle and horses.

Lossiemouth railway opening September 18th 1852

source of picture- Wikicommons

Two years later Jock started work on the railways as a fireman on Scottish North-East railways. It was very hard work loading coal into the boiler. Jock had to shovel nearly seven tons of coal into the boiler on the Elgin to Aberdeen run. Each time the boiler took 7 to 8 shovels of coal and then there was a 5 minute gap before it needed to be repeated. Initially Jock had to watch the temperature gauge but after a while he got used to when to add the fuel. Although there was lots of smoke and heat it was very enjoyable racing the countryside at great speed. Part of the time he worked on the old Lossiemouth to Elgin line. The line closed in 1964.At the age of 18 he was called up for National Service where he joined the Royal Marines where though it was demanding work he was able to travel the world.

Memory Contributed by Jock Craib, Buckie

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