Working in a Fruit Shop by Elizabeth Riddoch

Elizabeth lived in a tied cottage on Marcassie Farm, Rafford.  Her father was Mac James’ father’s cattleman. She went to school in Rafford and then went on to study at Forres Academy. In 1957 she started work at Milne Fruit Shop.

Work day
Elizabeth worked six days a week Monday to Saturday with Wednesday afternoon off when the shop shut (which many shops did then). She re-stocked the shelves and served at the counter. There was no self-service then. Paper bags were used for the fruit and people often brought in their own bags to take home the fruit. She remembers selling pears, bananas, apples, oranges but no pineapples or tangerines. There were brass scales which were regularly checked by the weights and measures.

Later she worked driving a school bus for Mr Ross @Forres taxi business.

Memory contributed by Elizabeth Riddoch at a Kinloss Coffee Morning