Farm Labouring work by Alexander ‘Sandy’ Cruickshank

Alexander’s father worked in Sunker Mains and he got his son a job at Meft Farm, part of the Innes Estate near Urquhart in Moray (view location map). He started work at the age of 14 after asking for leave from the rector of Forres Academy. He was supposed to carry on his schooling by attending evening class but he couldn’t due to the demands of the farm work. He had one day off once a fortnight and no holidays. He worked on a six month contract, no sick pay and £12 for 6 months work. He was paid 10 shillings a month on which he paid no tax. He didn’t earn enough to pay any tax. But he did pay 2s. and 6d., which was a private sick benefit insurance should he be off work for any reason.

Work Life
My six month contract started in the springtime. My jobs included hand ploughing, threshing, bailing and making haystacks. The hay was stored in the field or in farm buildings. During the war there was no hay storage at the farm due to bomb threats.

Califer from near Blervie Castle The road winding up the hill is picked out by twin lines of whins in full bloom. The farm in the left distance is Easter CaliferNext Job
At the end of the summer the contract ended as there was no work in wintertime.  I moved to a second farm at Califer Hill, Forres, where I worked until the following May. My third farm was Grange Hall farm near Forres

Before I started working on the farm I got an absess on my leg which needed to be fixed by a doctor.  The doctor gave me a bill which had to be paid to cover his treatment including stitches.

Memory contributed by Alexander ‘Sandy’ Cruickshank at a Kinloss Coffee morning

Additional Information
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