Working for the Civil Service in Wartime by Vicky

Vicky attended the University of S.W. England (now known as Exeter University). She studied sciences. In 1940 she was given a job in London working for the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research. She worked as a personnel assistant. She lived in Kensington and cycled to work. There were very few cars on the road and lots of people walked everywhere. Vicky had met her future husband at the University. He was in the RAF during the war. They got married and then Vicky stopped work, as was traditional in those times when she had her son in 1943.The marriage bar, which prevented married women working had been lifted by the start of World War 2 when more women were needed in the workforce. Later in life Vicky completed a diploma in Librarianship at Robert Gordon University and worked at Elgin and Lossiemouth Libraries. Her Husband remained with Fleet Air Arm and became a Commander at Lossiemouth Airbase. wiki-commons_image University_of_Exeter_1938

Memory Contributed by Vicky, Elgin

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