Life as a housemaid in London by Margaret Anderson

Margaret was born in Findochty in 1922. By the age of 15 two of her cousins were working in London and she asked if they could find her a job there. They wrote to tell her about a position they had found as a housemaid to a lady and gentleman in a London house. So in 1937 she travelled down to the city to start her first job and was given a room of her own in the house.

Her Working day
Every morning Margaret got up by 7 o’clock to eat her breakfast. Then as their only servant she had to do all the household tasks including the cooking, cleaning and lady’s maid duties. The latter would include washing her lady’s face, hands and feet then preparing her lady’s permed hair.

Pay and Conditions
Margaret was paid 10 shillings a week. On Tuesday and Sunday after lunch  (when she had washed the dishes) she was allowed time off to visit friends she had in London. She found the days long and the work hard.
After a year or so she returned north to work as a nanny in Buckie.

Memory contributed by Margaret Anderson, Buckpool

Additional Information
Buckie Heritage website and Heritage Centre has a wealth of information of the history of the town and surrounding area.